Honeywell HC-14 Evaporative Wicking Filter for Console Humidifiers

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For use in Honeywell QuietCare 11 Gallon Console Humidifier HCM-6000 Series: HCM-6009 HCM-6011i HCM-6011WW HCM-6012i HCM-6013i. Contains one filter. Recommended replacement once every two months. Removes minerals and pollutants from water and helps keep your humidifier clean. Air filter helps remove dirt dust and pollen and helps prevent impurities from returning into the air. ProTec AntiMicrobial Treatment helps prevent the growth and migration of mold fungus algae and bacteria on filter. Reinforced for maximum efficiency and longer filter life. Exclusive - Dry Lift Handle helps to keep hands dry and clean while changing your filter

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