Genuine Bosch BORPLFTR10 & RA450010, 11006598 Refrigerator Filter

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Genuine Bosch 644845, BORPLFTR10 & RA450010, 11006598, 11041140 Fridge Filter Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement ensures that you won't even have to remember to stay hydrated - your water will be too good to resist! Otherwise known as the 740560, REPFLTR10, REPLFLTER10 or the Bosch Ultra Clarity filter is an internal refrigerator filter. It delivers pure water to your ice and water by reducing chlorine odor and taste, and it's compatible with many American Bosch models. Refrigerator filters are often forgotten, but this one is sure to provide you with pure, great-tasting water. This filter fits the Bosch Evolution 500 Series, Bosch 800 Series, and the Bosch KAD62 Series. It will also fit other models including the Siemens KA62 Series, Neff K5930 Series and Neff K5920 series.

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