Aprilaire 10 Water Panel, Genuine Humidifier Filter, Single Replacement

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The Aprilaire 10 water panel filter provides proper humidity and protects against unwanted and potentially dangerous pathogens that exist within unfiltered water. If your water is drawn from a well or other underground sources, you really can’t afford not to replace the water filter in your humidifier regularly. Humidifiers can absorb and release harmful chemicals from within your water source, so take care to replace your filter often to avoid hazardous situations for you and your family. The standard Aprilaire Water panel evaporator will guarantee that your humidifier water remains clean, clear, and pure for the next six months to one year depending on its use.

Its recommended to replace the Apirlaire 10 water panel annually to maintain peak performance.


Upon removal of the upper half of the humidifier, DO NOT scrape off the coating from the bottom. The textured surface ensures even water flow for maximum evaporation and humidifying performance.

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