Aprilaire 45 Humidifier Filter, Genuine Media for Model 400 - 2 Pack

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If you’re due to replace your water panel filter, there’s no better way to do it than with a genuine Aprilaire 45 Water Panel Evaporator for Humidifier Model 400. This double pack of filters for Aprilaire humidifier model 400 will ensure that your water remains clean and free of pathogens that can cause sickness or discomfort.

Pathogen Free, Beathable Air

Most people do not realize that their water panel filter should be changed at least once, if not twice per year. By doing this, you ensure that the water in your breathable air remains clean and fresh instead of contaminated and possibly irritating. Aprilaire water panel filters are perfect for humidifiers that utilize well water or water drawn from some other type of underground source. Often times, this water can be less pure than regular filtered water. Alleviate your fears of contaminated moisture in the air by purchasing this Aprilaire 45 Water Panel Evaporator for Humidifier Model 400 (2 Pack).

Protect Your Healh & Your Home

Optimum humidity levels within your home can help to ensure that you have a healthy respiratory system, and also aids in protecting areas in your home that can be damaged by dry weather (paint, weather stripping, rubber molding, etc.). It is easy to properly maintain your Aprilaire humidifier to ensure optimal performance.

Maintaining Your Humidifier Properly

Proper maintenance of your Aprilaire Humidifier requires that you replace your Aprilaire 45 Water Panel annually when used regularly, and in cases of extreme use the water panel may need to be replaced as frequently as every six months. To replace your Aprilaire 45 Water Panel simply unsnap and remove the front panel of your humidifier, disconnect the plastic feed tube, remove the distribution tray, and then remove the water panel. Then simply insert your new Aprilaire 45 water panel and reassemble the parts of your humidifier.

Aprialire water panels are also referred to as humidifier pads, replacement humidifier filters, and water pads.

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