Aprilaire 1413 Air Purifier Upgrade Kit for Aprilaire Air Purifiers 2400 & 2140

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The Aprilaire 1413 Upgrade Filter Kit is for Aprilaire air cleaner models 2400 and 2140. This Aprilaire filter upgrade almost doubles the effectiveness of the previous 2400 and 2140 Air Cleaner and offers users a new hassle free way to install replacement filters—a way that’s pleat free! Achieve a new level of fresh air. It also replaces the 4272 line found aprilaire 2400 air purifier.

The Aprilaire 1413 upgrade kit effectively reduces the amount and volume of airborne contaminants, like pet dander, pollen and other irritants. This once-only upgrade can improve the quality of your air cleaner, as well as its lifetime! Now your air cleaner can run at its peak level of efficiency without wasting energy, giving you the highest quality air possible.

The Aprilaire 1413 upgrade kit includes frame supports, filter bases, a door spacer, as well as a Filter Element Model 413 to get you started. Upgrade your current air cleaner from an MRV rating of 10 to an astounding MRV of 13 with this easy to install, one time application.

If you have a Space-Guard, this is an ideal air filter upgrade to make your air filter replacement hassle-free.

Why Upgrade?

• Nearly doubles the air cleaning efficiency of your existing Aprilaire or SpaceGard Air Cleaner• Decreases the amount of contaminants which can cause sinus irritation, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks• Increases the life of your heating and cooling system and helps save energy by running at peak efficiency• It’s fast, simple, and eliminates the need and hassle of pleat spacers and troublesome filter assemblies• A one-time upgrade improves your air cleaner's lifetimeAprilaire 1413 Upgrade Kit Includes: Filter Bases, Frame Supports, Door Spacer, and Model 413 Filter Element


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