Aprilaire 613 Replacement Filter, Genuine MERV 13 Filter for Competitor's Air Purifiers - 16 x 25"

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The genuine Aprilaire 613 air filter is designed to replace cake style media in competitor's air purifiers. This filter has a collapsible design. Collapsible media air filters offer many different benefits, including the prevention of air bypass and convenience of installation.

This Aprilaire filter has a MERV 13 rating. It's compatible with many other brands' air purifiers with cabinets of 16" x 25". For a full list of compatible products, see features below. An effective air filter can improve the air quality in the home, increasing both health and comfort. It also extends the life and functionality of HVAC systems.

This competitive media air filter requires the Aprilaire 4897 upgrade kit for replacing other filters in 16" x 25" cabinets from other brands.


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