3M Filtrete PRO7-22-6 Air Filter, MERV 7 - Dust/Pollen Reduction (500 MPR) - 20"x30"x1"

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Reduce allergies and respiratory problems in your home or office with the 3M Filtrete PRO7-22-6 dust and pollen reduction air filter. This model is rated MERV 7 and measures 20"x30"x1". This filter consists of electrostatically charged synthetic material that is intended to provide healthier indoor air by removing airborne particles. The air filter cartridges can capture pet dander, mold spores, dust, dust mite debris, dusting aids, hair spray, fabric protection, and other fine elements. During heavy allergy seasons, with 3M Filtrete PRO7-22-6 you can reduce allergen levels, keeping allergies to a minimum level. Thanks to high-efficiency particle filtration, allergy causing pollen and lung-damaging dust are removed as well. It is recommended to replace the filter every 3 months. In case the environment is dusty or there are shedding pets, then the filter should be replaced more often. Remove harmful particles from your indoor air with the 3M Filtrete PRO7-22-6 dust and pollen reduction air filter.

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